After sales service

All articles supplied by our company had been designed and produced for long service life with trouble-free operation.

But sometimes some inspections, repairing and upgrading are needed. Our experienced service engineers are at customer’s disposal on your first request.

Techprilad’s service department has been equipped with modern diagnostics instruments, special tools for repairing of the valves and actuators as well as testing facilities. Particularly we use the specialize tools for grinding and lapping seats and plugs, the ultrasonic devices which enable to detect the damage of the valves at the customer’s sites SONOPHONE E, high resolution testing bench for adjusting set pressure of the safety valves etc.

Routine refurbish works include:

  • Inspection and cleaning
  • Grinding and lapping of the valve’s seats
  • Adjustment of set pressure of safety and self acting control valves
  • Replacement of bellows, gland seals and seats of shut-off and control valves
  • Seat replacement of the butterfly valves
  • Replacement of worn parts of steam traps and changing theirs mounting position

The original service documentations and spare parts are used in repairing and retrofit works. Our engineers are skilled to install and repair of wide range of electric and pneumatic actuators as well as their accessories: positioners, limit switches, position indicators, battery backup systems etc.