Product seminar ARI-Armaturen

(Wednesday, October 28, 2015)

The seminar regarding ARI-Armaturen GmbH products was held in Kiev on 29th of September 2015.


The seminar is arranged by company Techprilad that is anofficial partner of ARI-Armaturen in Ukraine since 2005.

The main topics of the seminar reported by our guest from Germany Mr. Tim Wallis were:

  1. The main features and advantages of ARI-Armaturen GmbH products.
  2. The experience of implementation of shut-off, control and safety valves, steam traps and some other articles in different branches of industry.
  3. New products have been developed by ARI-Armaturen. New seria of control valves ARI-Vario, safety valves ARI-Safe with zero leakage seat, condensate pump ARI-CONLIFT®, steam trap ARI-CONA®All-in-One etc.


Besides of main report there was presentation provided by company Techprilad that has 10 years experience of implementation ARI-Armaturen products in Ukraine. In particular the presentation was focused on technical support that company Techprilad provides for the design engineering companies, the technical service of the valves the company is carrying out at its own facilities and as well the experience of valve operation in specific condition the company has obtained.


There were over 70 guests of the seminar which came from all regions of Ukraine. The guests were very interested in products features and the specifics of their application. A lot of interesting questions and discussions were there.