The technical seminar regarding products of company Mankenberg GmbH

(Wednesday, March 25, 2015)

The seminar was held in Kiev on 18th of March 2015 and was arranged by company Techprilad.


Over 40 engineers from the different cities of Ukraine participated in the seminar as the guests. The reporter at the seminar was a technical manager of Mankenberg GmbH Mr. Christian Sack.


He was focused on the following topics:

  1. History of the company Mankenberg GmbH, present status of the company and prospects of the further development.
  2. Self acting pressure and level control valves, operating principle, overview of the items, versions and options.
  3. Pilot-operated control valves for pressure controlling and protection of pipelines from excessive pressure.
  4. The main features of application the Mankenberg’s valves for controlling high pressure in power engineering, the millibar controlling for tank blanketing, the application for ultrapure working media in pharmaceutical industry etc.


The guests of the seminar asked a lot of questions concerning specific applications of the valves, their sizing, design features. The guests were very surprised with the company Mankenberg ability to produce even specific valves in a sufficiently short period of time.

The seminar was held in friendly pleasant atmosphere.