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Globe control valves for general industry

Nominal size, mm: DN15..500
Nominal pressure, bar: PN16..160
Temperature rating:-60°..+550°C
Strait through and 3-way
leakage class IV or VI (DIN)
Plugs: globe, V-port, perforated
Flow characteristics: equal-percentage or linear
Rangeability up to 1:50
Application: steam, thermal oil, gas etc.
Brand: ARI-Armaturen

Special control valves for power engineering

Range: high pressure control valves, special feedwater and pump protection valves, desuperheaters, steam condition and turbine bypass valves etc.
Nominal size, mm: DN15..1000
Nominal pressure, bar: PN up to 630
Temperature rating: up to +610°C
Application: superheated and saturated steam in power plants
Brand: Holter Regelarmaturen (HORA)

Special control valves for gas industry

Range: globe and axial, shut off globe valves with hybrid sealing, anti-surge valves, for controlling flow of initial gas filling facilities, for quick closing function, gas bleeding, controlling of condensate and fluids etc.
Nominal size, mm: DN25..500
Nominal pressure, bar: PN63 - PN250
Temperature rating: -60..+400°C
Application: gas compressor stations, metering units, underground storages, filter separators etc.
Brand: Holter Regelarmaturen (HORA)

Self-acting pressure control valves for special application

Nominal size, mm: DN15..400
Nominal pressure, bar: PN1..315
Temperature rating: up to +500°C
Pressure reducing and sustaining types
Proportional and pilot operated
Controlling range 0.002-160 bar
Application: power engineering, petrochemical, oil and gas, foodstuffs and beverage industry, pharma, hazardous media etc.
Brand: Mankenberg

Self-acting pressure control valves for general industry

Nominal size, mm: DN15..200
Nominal pressure, bar: PN16-40
Temperature rating
: up to +450°C
Pressure reducing and sustaining 
Proportional types
Controlling range 0.02-16 bar
Application: steam, hot water, nitrogen, thermal oil etc.
Brands: ARI-Armaturen, Mankenberg

Globe shut-off valves

Nominal size, mm: DN10..600
Nominal pressure, bar: PN16..420
Temperature rating:-196°..+600°C
DIN and ASME design
100% zero leakage
Metal to metal sealing
Bellows and gland stem sealing
Application: steam, thermal oil, gas, condensate, ammonia, aggressive media
Brands: ARI-Armaturen, Valvosider

Butterfly valves

Nominal size, mm: DN25..4000
Nominal pressure, bar: PN6..160
Temperature rating: -196°..+900°C
Centric, double eccentric, triple eccentric design
On-off, control and emergency shutdown
Soft and metal seated
100% zero leakage
Application: water, gas, steam, abrasive and corrosive media, oxygen, on/off and control, emergency shutdown service
Brands: ARI-Armaturen, Ghibson Italia, Swissfluid, VAG-Armaturen

Ball valves

Nominal size, mm: DN6..900
Nominal pressure, bar: PN16..250
Temperature rating:-50°..+650°C
DIN and API-6D design
100% zero leakage
Full and reduced bore
Float and trunnion design
Soft and metal seated
Brands: A+R Armaturen, Valpres, Swissfluid, Vexve, Tecval

Gate valves metal to metal seated

Nominal size, mm: DN50..1400
Nominal pressure, bar: PN16..420
Temperature rating: -196°..+600°C
DIN and API 600 design
Bolted or pressure seal bonnet
Full bore
Flexible wedge
Metal seated
Renewable seats
Pressure seal
Application: oil and gas, steam, oxygen etc.
Brand: Valvosider

Resilient seated gate valves

Nominal size, mm: DN50..600
Nominal pressure, bar: PN10/16
Temperature rating: -10°..+60°C
Full bore
100% zero leakage
Resilient seated
Epoxy coated
Application: waterworks, sewerage
Brand: IMP Armature

Pinch valves

Nominal size, mm: DN 25..1000
Nominal pressure, bar: PN 16..100
Temperature rating:-50°..+160°C
100% zero leakage
Full bore
Centerline type of sleeve squeeze
High performance three-ply sleeve
Special sleeves for vacuum and controlling applications
Brand: Flowrox

Knife gate valves

Nominal size, mm: DN50..1800
Nominal pressure, bar: PN1..10 (special design up PN250)
Temperature rating:-40°..+180°C
100% zero leakage
Full bore
One or two seats design
Application: wastewater plants, mining, paper mills, biogas plants etc.
Brands: CYL, Flowrox

Plastomer lined valves and sampling systems

Shut-off valves: butterfly, ball, diaphragm, cylindrical plug
The components: sight glasses, sampling valves and systems, check valves
Sampling valves and systems: inline sampling valves, sampling stations for stationary or mobile applications, manual and automated reactor sampling systems
Brand: Swissfluid

Safety valves

Nominal size, mm: DN15..250
Nominal pressure, bar: PN16..414
Temperature rating: -60 .. +450°C
Set pressure range min 0.2 bar
Direct loaded with spring design
DIN or API 526 design
Full lift and standard types
Bellows protection (option)
Zero leakage execution (option)
Change-over valves are available
Application: steam, hot water, technical gases, vapours and liquids, oil and gas, petrochemical, processing, industry, power engineering
Brand: ARI-Armaturen

Steam traps and components

Nominal pressure, bar: PN16..630
Qmax= 50 000 m3/h
Type of the traps: ball, float, bimetallic, thermostatic, thermodynamic
The components: condensate and steam collectors, condensate pumps, sight glasses, vacuum brakers etc.
Brand: ARI-Armaturen



Temperature control self acting valves

Nominal size, mm: DN15..100
Nominal pressure, bar: PN16..40
Temperature rating: Tmax=+300°C
For warming and cooling systems
Strait through and 3-way
Temperature control rate -20°..+200°C
Brand: ARI-Armaturen

Level control float valves

Nominal size, mm: DN15..150
Nominal pressure, bar: PN16..40
Temperature rating: Tmax=+130°C
For installation in tanks, for external on tanks and for pipelines
Control range 0..16 bar
Brand: Mankenberg, CSA


Needle valves

Nominal size, mm: DN6..80
Nominal pressure, bar: PN210..760
Temperature rating:-30°..+600°C
100% zero leakage
Metal and soft seated
Special execution for voiding pressure gauges
Brand: Tecval



Check valves

Nominal size, mm: DN15..1000
Nominal pressure, bar: PN10..420
Temperature rating: Tmax=+600°C
Types: piston, swing, disk, ball, membrane, dual plate
Brands: ARI-Armaturen, Valvosider, Swissfluid, RITAG


Expension joints

Nominal size, mm: DN15..3500
Nominal pressure, bar: PN2,5..150
Temperature rating: Tmax=+800°C
Types: axial, hinged, lateral, gimbal, spherical, pressure-balanced
Pipe roll supports (optional)
Brand: Emiflex



Self-acting pressure control valves for water

Nominal size, mm: DN40..600
Nominal pressure, bar: PN16-63
Temperature rating
: +70°C
Pressure reducing, sustaining, relief, flow control, level control,anti-surge etc. 
Pilot operated and proportional
Application: water works, cooling circuits of power plants, mining, irrigation, fire protection etc.
Brand: CSA